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A medical pedicure is the latest trend in the world of podiatry. It combines a full medical treatment of your feet, with a luxury foot pampering. This is the perfect choice for people who want the very best treatment for their feet so that they can look and feel as well groomed as possible.

This treatment is completely removed from a standard salon pedicure. In the first instance, it is performed by a HPC registered podiatrist, who will carry out a complete foot, nail and skin analysis. The commonest findings are that many clients have very tough, dry skin on their feet and their nails are hard and thickened.

These and other conditions are treated using special instruments and solutions. By the time the treatment is complete, the skin of your feet will feel clean and soft, and your nails will have been shaped, buffed and polished so that they sparkle like jewels.

In the modern day when open-toe shoes and sandals are increasingly fashionable, let your feet finally get some pampering so that that they can look as flawless as the rest of you. Book a medical pedicure and you will be amazed with the results.....