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Many foot problems have a surgical solution.

Our resident surgeon, Mr Jason Hargrave, is a fellow of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery. He is a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon with over 10 years experience operating on a wide variety of problems affecting the foot and ankle. In his NHS work, Mr Hargrave is the Consultant and Manager of a Podiatric Surgery unit he personally developed approximately seven years ago, and is a now widely recognised by his peers as being at the forefront of podiatric Surgery in England.

Podiatric surgery is usually performed under local anaesthetic on a day surgery basis, meaning a quicker recovery and the avoidance of a stay in hospital.

Conditions treated

* Toe straightening procedures for claw/hammer toes and hallux valgus (bunions).
* The reduction of boney prominences
* Removal of lumps, bumps, cysts and ganglion
* Neurectomies
* Flat foot reconstruction


There are often many non-surgical options available for the problems surgery can help. If you would like to discuss all of the options available we would recommend you make an appointment to see a Podiatric specialist. This can act as a relatively inexpensive 'filter' and, having discussed all options available for your problem you may decide to proceed and make an appointment for assessment with the Consultant Podiatric Surgeon. If a referral letter from your GP is required for insurance purpose, the podiatrists can also support this process by writing a summary report to your GP explaining why surgery is considered necessary.
Alternatively you may book in to see the Podiatric Surgeon if you have already seen a podiatrist, tried alternatives to surgery without success, or would simply like to arrange a consultation directly. Clients with medical insurance are advised to check their policy as a letter of referral from a GP may be required. Clients without insurance may arrange an appointment without any letter of referral and may pay for the assessment by cash, cheque or card.