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Marigold Therapy

People come to Feet for Life for many reasons. In the simplest instances it may be for general advice about problems or for routine foot check-up. Some people come to us for a 'medical pedicure' - a 30 minute general foot treatment, a very popular service, comprising of nail trimming, cleansing, removal of hard skin/corns and sanding of areas. This is completed with full moisturisation of the foot, application of powder and nail oil with massage. The following is a list of some of the most common foot ailments a podiatrist treats everyday.

This list is not comprehensive and you may be experiencing symptoms or pain relating to some other condition not included on the list. Please also note that this is general information only and should not be used for specific diagnosis. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, or some type of foot or ankle discomfort, a prompt appointment to discuss your specific concerns with your Podiatrist is highly recommended.

1. Bunions / Hammer Toes
2. Heel pain / Mortons Neuroma / Stress Fractures
3. Ingrowing Toe Nails / Fungal Nails / Verrucae
4. Flat Feet / Childrens Feet

Many foot problems have a biomechanical or surgical solution. Our podiatrists can discuss the full range of treatment options available and refer where appropriate. We have no hesitation in saying our specialists are at the very top of their field. If you would like more information about foot problems the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists has a public information section which contains a wealth of information.