Verruca / Wart Lesions

Warts are benign epithelial neoplasms of the skin and mucosa resulting from human papilloravirus (HPV) infection. They are a common dermatologic complaint, with an estimated incidence of 10% in children and young adults. Both warts and verrucae can be itchy and painful or simply embarrassing.


Symptoms are a flesh-coloured growth that feels hard and rough to touch which may also have little black dots that are actually tiny blood clots. Warts are commonly found on the hands whereas Verrucas appear on the soles of your feet and can have a black dot in the centre.

Verrucas can be very painful, in fact some people describe the pain as standing on a needle, they can also vary in size and sometimes be itchy. Clusters of warts (mosaic warts) can also be found on the feet.


Causes of verrucas can be from contact with the contagious DNA papilloma virus that spreads to the skin usually in areas such as: bathroom mats, tubs and showers, pools, spas and shared or public bathing facilities.


Treatment of warts and verrucae can be done through traditional methods such as Cryotherapy, Marigold Therapy and certain acid treatments. However, here at Feet For Life we also use laser therapy where the heat of the laser works to destroy the target issue, being the blood supply to the wart. The actual treatment itself can be uncomfortable although not painful afterwards. Long-pulsed Nd:YAG lasers are a safe and effective treatment for warts.


We have found response rates higher with laser therapy than those obtained with conventional therapies. The recovery is quick with patients often seeing all signs of infection and treatment gone within a few weeks. Laser therapy can require 2-3 sessions.
Please note however, it can take months for a wart/verruca to appear after being in contact with the virus and so many people can experience lesions again,

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Verruca / Wart Lesions

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